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State Licensing

Are you tired of guessing if your business is in compliance? Did your reports get in on time? Did
it get done correctly? Is your business set up properly to avoid non-compliance violations?
These are the questions that keep us up at night. Leave it to us to ask the right questions and
get you the answers you need. We will provide a thorough Compliance Audit “21 point
inspection” to develop a comprehensive insight to the status of your business’ compliance

When you’re preparing to develop a new business, planning to procure an existing business, or
even planning a commercial/industrial project, it can be easy to get ahead of yourself and make
rash decisions. Before progressing with your investment, you should always invest in
Compliance Auditing by the team here at Teisha Mechetti. By utilizing this service you gain a
comprehensive assessment of potential pitfalls, risks, and opportunities.

During a Compliance Audit, we will take a meaningful look at the traits and potential of your
project, and look at the feasibility of the project as well as help anticipate setbacks before they
happen. The audit includes a full assessment and optional comprehensive bid from including
but not limited to: Management Services, Compliance Support, and any outside service required
to support your project. We employ a full scope approach to supporting our clients within the
scope of our abilities. Every potential obstacle from state licensing to environmental regulations
will be accounted for.

As professionals, it is important that this Compliance Audit is conducted prior to giving any
advising services. Compliance Auditing from our experienced professionals will provide you with
the comprehensive insight you need to make key decisions on your project and for your
business. Schedule an initial consultation with your Professional Compliance Advisor, Teisha
Mechetti, about the Compliance Audit service.

Online Scheduling:

Know Your Business with Compliance Auditing

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